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Did you know that the first contact lenses were invented in 1887 by Adolf Fick — and they were made of glass?

Needless to say, they’ve come a long way since then. Nowadays, you can get eye-color changers, overnighters and even gas-permeables. Ask your eye doctor what’s right for you.

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types of contacts

soft contacts

  • wear occasionally, every day or overnight
  • flexible and most comfortable
  • stay in place better, even during sports
  • take less time to get used to
  • allow more oxygen to reach your eye
  • sometimes a challenge to handle
  • more fragile
  • available for all types of vision correction, including astigmatism and multi-focal needs

daily disposable (single use)

Easy to wear, no cleaning needed. Use once and toss.

daily wear

Breathable lens technology offers greater levels of comfort.
Wear up to 18 hours, remove and clean nightly.


Easy to use because you can wear them up to 30 days continuously.

contacts for astigmatism

Enjoy steady, clear vision all day long.

multi-focal contacts

Breakthrough design helps you see near and far.

color contacts

Choose your eye color or enhance it. Can be prescribed even if vision correction is not needed.

gas-permeable or rigid contacts

Offer sharper vision, especially if you have high refractive errors or high degrees of astigmatism. More durable and the best option for special conditions.


Have a gas-permeable center surrounded by a soft outer ring.

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get the perfect
contact fit

During your eye exam*, the Independent Doctor of Optometry will find the perfect contact fit - based on your prescription, eye shape, and special conditions and lifestyle.

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