Everyone knows that accidents can happen, but not everyone plans ahead. Be a forward thinker and add a one-year Protection Plan to your eyewear purchase.

The benefits are clear

Whether you’ll be needing to repair or replace them, your glasses will be protected. With Worry-Free Protection Plan you will get coverage(1) for:

Defects in materials and workmanship

Unlimited eyewear repairs for 1 year (beginning day 91 from purchase)

Protection from failures due to normal wear and tear

Cracked frames

Cracked or scratched lenses

It’s easy to see because...

Scared of damaging your new eyewear? We have the solution for you: add your Worry-Free Protection Plan(2) during your purchase. It’s simple, just:

Select your favorite eyewear

Add Worry-Free Protection Plan
to your shopping cart

See, worry free

Or find your nearest store

...it’s easy to protect.

Accidentally sat on your frames in a rush at the office and need to use your protection plan? Simply choose whether to:

Call our customer care center at
1-877-TGT-VISN (1-877-848-8476)

Drop by any Target Optical store
to get the service you need(3)

Term of coverage
(Begins on day 91)
$35 One Year Service Plan

Co-pay amount
$25 Frame Service
$25 Lens Service
$50 Frame & Lens Service

1. Limitations and exclusions apply. See Terms and Conditions for full plan details. Co-pays apply.
2. Term of your plan is one year plus two weeks to allow for delivery of your product.
3. To find the nearest store, please visit Target.com/optical or call 1-877-848-8476.