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Discover all our accepted vision plans online and in store. Discover more

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contact lenses

Whether you’re new to contacts or curious about our great selection,
Target Optical is here for you! Thanks to our high-quality brands and helpful staff, you’ll be loving your new frame-free self!

First time trying contact lenses?
No worries, just follow these easy steps!

put IN take Out keep Clean
  1. Wash your hands

  2. Check that the lens isn’t inside out

  3. Using your right hand, hold your upper eyelid with one finger and pull down the lower eyelid with the other finger

  4. Move the contact lens toward the eye and look upwards as you insert the lens

  1. Wash your hands.

  2. Bring your index finger to your eye and slide the lens down to the lower white part of eye.

  3. Squeeze the lens and remove it.

  4. Discard if it’s Dailies Disposable. Clean and disinfect if it’s a Frequent Replacement lens.

  1. Use fresh contact lens solution every time. Do not use tap water, as it contains bacteria that causes infections.

  2. Rub your contacts in solution using the pads of your fingers. Then rinse again with fresh solution.

  3. Rinse your cases every time.

  4. Store empty cases open and upside down. Replace every three months.

Contact Lens Transition

All our different types of contact lenses


  • Wash your hands every time when handling your contacts.

  • Wear and replace lenses according to the schedule prescribed by your doctor.

  • Keep a backup pair of glasses with you in case you can’t wear your contacts.

  • Remove your lenses before swimming, bathing or applying makeup.


  • Mix or reuse solutions.

  • Sleep with your contacts in unless specified by your doctor to do so.

  • Use saliva to wet your lenses.

  • Wear your lenses when you’re sick.


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