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Discover all our accepted vision plans online and in store. Discover more

Lenses Hero image

Our high-quality lenses

As proud members of the EssilorLuxottica group, Target Optical offers a portfolio of top brands recommended most by opticians around the world.

Essilor has been leading lens innovation since 1972 and provides an unparalleled range of lenses designed to suit all lifestyles and needs.

Setting up prescription glasses online is easy!


Explore our styles

Shop a wide range of designer eyewear and select your favorite frame.


Add your prescription

With 4 easy upload options! Enter it manually and we’ll suggest the best lens for your vision needs.


Select your lenses

Choose your lens brand & thickness and add any additional treatments you’d like.


Order your glasses

Ship to your home or pick it up in store & take advantage of our many aftercare services!

Our lens types

Select your lens type based on your vision needs.
Our glasses automatically include clear lenses which are traditional, transparent lenses perfect for everyday use. You can add any additional lens treatments along the way!

Single vision

Single vision lenses provide only one type of vision correction. This are suitable for people who are either near-sighted, far-sighted or astigmatic, but not for those who have multiple prescriptions.


Progressive lenses provide more than one type of vision correction, such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. The lens surface has different prescription areas but appears seamless. These lenses may require an adjustment period for first time wearers, but most people adjust to their new lenses in just a few days.

Our lens brands

Our Lens Treatments

These treatments are included in all
premium and superior lens selections:

Anti-reflective Lens


Anti-reflective coating eliminates unwanted reflections from the lens surface, improving your vision while making your eyeglasses more attractive.

UV protection Lens

UV protection

A protective coating designed to shield your eyes from UVA and UVB rays.

Additional Treatments

Find the right lens treatment for your lifestyle with Blue-Violet filtering,
light-responsive lenses and prescription sun lenses.

Blue-violet light

Add a clear blue-violet light treatment to reduce exposure to blue-violet light* from the sun, natural and artificial sources.

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Light responsive

Add light-responsive lens technology for a tint that darkens with when exposed to sunlight, helping your eyes comfortably adjust to varying amounts of light.

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Prescription Sun

Prescription sunglasses combine vision correction with all the benefits of sunglasses, such as 100% UV protection, contrast-enhancing polarization and style.

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Lens thickness and materials


Slim lenses

A lightweigt lens suitable for light precriptions (+2.00 to -2.00 & under)


Thin lenses

A lighter lens with resistance to breakage. Ideal for light to moderate prescriptions (+4.00 to -4.00)


Extra thin lenses
High Index With Premium Anti-Reflective

A lighter and discreet lens making it a good match for thin-edge frames. Ideal for all prescriptions, recommended for strong prescription (Above +4.00 or below -4.00)

More lenses to explore

Ray-Ban Stories x Transitions® Image

Transitions® XTRActive®

If you’re sensitive to light or frequently in bright light, Transitions® XTRActive® new generation lenses are designed for you, blocking up to 34% of harmful Blue-Violet indoors & up to 90% of harmful Blue-Violet outdoors.¹

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Transitions® GEN S™ lenses™ Image

Transitions® GEN S™

The perfect everyday lens! Transitions® GEN S™ is ultra-responsive to light, offers a spectacular color palette and provides HD vision at the speed of your life.

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Intelliblue lenses Image

Intelliblue lenses

IntelliBlue lenses reduce exposure to blue-violet light emitted by the natural and artificial sources.³ A great option for people who are light sensitive or who spend a lot of time in different light.⁴

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Oakley x Transitions® Image

Oakley x Transitions

Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™ seamlessly respond to changing light situations.

Transitions® lenses change from clear to dark as the light around you changes while reducing glare, helping you perform at your peak in every sport.

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Ray-Ban x Transitions® Image

Ray-Ban x Transitions®

Transitions® lenses adapt to all light conditions, for iconic Ray-Ban style from sunrise to sunset.

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1 - "Harmful Blue-Violet" is calculated between 380nm and 460 nm.
2 - IntelliBlue lenses filter (or reduce exposure to) Blue-Violet by at least 20% between 400nm-455nm.

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